GuideDanmark data model


The primary data object in GuideDanmark is the product. A product can be anything related to the tourism business.
Products are categorized by two main concepts: categories and meta tags.


Categories are modelled in a two-level hierarchy. The top level is called product area ("Produktgruppe"), and the second level is called product type ("Produkttype").

Example: Product area Attractions (id 3) has a product type Museums (id 13).
All products belong to exactly one category from the second level. For example, all museums in the database have category id 13.

You can see all current categories here.

Meta tags

A meta tag an attribute that describes an aspect of a product. For example, a museum may have the meta tag "Dogs allowed" if guests are allowed to bring their dog. A product can have any number of meta tags.
Meta tags are grouped into meta tag groups which in turn belong to a product type.

Example: the meta tag "Dogs allowed" belongs to the meta tag group "Facilities" under category "Museums".

The combined hierarchy of categories and meta tags looks like this:

Level Example
Product area / category Attractions
Product type / category Museums
Meta tag group Facilities
Meta tag Dogs allowed

On the categories page you can drill down and see the valid meta tags for each category.


Products have many properties. The following properties are valid for all products:

Property Meaning
Id The unique id of the product.
Language The language of this version of the product. A product can have Danish, German and English versions.
Online Whether the product has status online or not. Only products with status online should be used for public display.
Modified The timestamp of the latest update of the product by an editor.
Serialized The timestamp of the latest update. Serialized will often be later than modified. This is the timestamp you should use to determine whether your local copy is up to date.
Name The display name of the product.
CanonicalUrl The canonical URL of the product. If you display this product on a web page you should set this URL in a <link rel="canonical"> tag on the page.
Category The category of the product as explained above.
MetaTags Meta tags assigned to the product as explained above.
Descriptions Descriptions for the product, both in HTML and in plain text. The main description of the product has descriptionType HOVED.
Files Images and other media for the product.
Owner The office that is responsible for maintaining the product.
Places Geographical places that the product is tagged with.
RelatedProducts Other products related to this one.
SocialMediaLinks Links to social media pages for the product.
BookingLinks Links to booking pages for the product.
ExternalLinks Various links for the product.

Individual categories may have additional data. This is described on the category pages.


Content in GuideDanmark is always available in Danish. Individual products may also be available in German and English.