Postman API Help Page


This page is short introduction on how to setup postman.

How to

1. Open postman on your pc or in website(Link to Postman here).

2. Click on import button

3. Go to link tab

4. Copy & paste this Url:

5. Click Continue

On the next page you can make some advanced settings if you want though these are not necessary

6. Click import

7. After import your Postman collections tab should look something like this

How to Authenticate

1. Click ‘GuideDanmark Web API’

2. Click ‘Authorization’

3. Check ‘Type’, ‘Access Token’, ‘Header Prefix’

4. Set ‘Grant Type’ to ‘Password Credentials’

5. Access Token URL is

6. ‘Client ID’ and ‘Client Secret’ are left blank

7. Fill in ‘Username’ and ‘Password’

When your done, just click ‘Get New Access Token’, ‘Proceed’ and click ‘Use Token’

Now your ready to call api from Postman

OBS if you getting 401 error make sure to get new token