Category 31, Shelters og naturlejrpladser

Valid meta tags for this category
Id Dansk German English
86 Faciliteter Einrichtungen Facilities
1082 Drikkevand Trinkwasser Drinking water
1083 Shelters Shelters Shelters
1084 Bålplads Lagerfeuer Campfire
1085 Grill Grill Barbecue
1086 Toilet Toilette Toilet
1087 Egen hest tilladt Eigenes Pferd erlaubt Private horse allowed
2805 Åbent hele året Ganzjährig geöffnet Open all year
3097 Brænde Brennholz Firewood available
3178 Adgang til bad Zugang zu Dusche Access to shower
4105 Glamping Glamping Glamping
87 Kapacitet Kapazität Capacity
1088 Kapacitet Kapazität Capacity
387 Klassifikation Klassifikation Classification
(No meta tags in group)
461 Mærkeordning Zertifizierung Label
(No meta tags in group)
536 Medlem af Mitglied in Member of
(No meta tags in group)
620 Prisniveau Preisniveau Price level
(No meta tags in group)
697 Rabatter Rabatte Discount
(No meta tags in group)
779 Tema Tema Theme
(No meta tags in group)
861 Type Typ Type
(No meta tags in group)

Additional data for this category

Products in this category may have the following additional data:

Field(s) on product object Description
Periods, PeriodsLink Description of periods, e.g. event dates and opening hours
Pricegroups, PricegroupsLink Description of prices, e.g. admittance fees and ticket prices