Category 76, Øvrig turistinformation

Valid meta tags for this category
Id Dansk German English
204 Mærkeordning Zertifizierung Label
237 Faciliteter Einrichtungen Facilities
3209 WiFi WiFi WiFi
3867 Toilet WC Toilet
4059 Bike Friends Bike Friends Bike Friends
355 Kapacitet Kapazität Capacity
(No meta tags in group)
415 Klassifikation Klassifikation Classification
(No meta tags in group)
571 Medlem af Mitglied in Member of
(No meta tags in group)
654 Prisniveau Preisniveau Price level
(No meta tags in group)
727 Rabatter Rabatte Discount
(No meta tags in group)
817 Tema Tema Theme
(No meta tags in group)
887 Type Typ Type
(No meta tags in group)

Additional data for this category

Products in this category may have the following additional data:

Field(s) on product object Description
Periods, PeriodsLink Description of periods, e.g. event dates and opening hours
Pricegroups, PricegroupsLink Description of prices, e.g. admittance fees and ticket prices